July 29, 2023

I put the site live and it got pumelled by hackers. That's not bad though, I'm learning quite a lot about how to make things go live. The problem is a tthe core.

I built something without doing any market research. There's a million products like this and I can't differentiate between any of them. I'm an idiot. The problem here is my brain somehow convonced me that this was a good idea and a problem that needed to be solved, and I didn't question my mind once. That was my bad. Lesson learned the hard way. Another thing to keep in mind is to always remember to ask the customers you're talking to about why they havent found a solution yet? have they actually tried looking? The sample size in which I was conducting market research just didn't try to find a solution, because if they had, they would've found a million. I learned so much building researchX though. built the server with flask, reverse proxied through nginx, set up modsecurity and fail2ban containers, certfied by cloudflare, hosted on an ubuntu server, kinda crazy, but it would've been nice if it caught on. Somehow the things I build haven't been able to find any audience. I have to fix that. Or perhaps, build something so unique and amazing, that people use it.

either way, time to stop sulking, pick myself up and get started again.