July 20, 2023

I'm gonna look like a crazy person to whoever, if ever, reads these blogs sequentially. After much addition, it was time for subtraction. I've taken the most important features from Diode and built researchX. researchX is very simple. It studies and helps anyone studying research papers or any kind of research material. It's actually pretty neat, but it took a while to get here, and my resources are still running out.

I coded the whole thing in flask, and just found out that flask is not useful for multi-user applications. It's a development environment! wtf.

So I'm trying to learn how to integrate wsgi and reverse proxy functionality. Then I'll have to dockerize and deploy to aws, then a whole bunch of other shit, b4 I can get to the part of actually trying to get users.

I saw black circles below my eyes for the first time today.

I've also stopped going to the gym regularly.

My eye feel lethargic and always tired.

There's a slight thudding pain in my brain.

I'm pretty stressed.

But I believe researchX will spread through word of mouth, it's a pretty simple and to the point product for a very specific need, so once it finds it's target market, it'll spread. It just needs to find that ASAP before I run out of resources.

Note: Need to start working out properly again. It used to keep me happy. Am usually so tired after coding that I just want to lie around, not doing anything, but I know it's not good. 12 days of gym will delay me by a day, which is not that bad for the returns I get from gyming. Need to get regular again.

anyways, hopefully the next time I write something here, researchX would be live and found some users. It's exciting though. I'm happy. Scared shitless. But happy.