July 11, 2023

things are fucked. I've pivoted Diode to be exclusively for academic writers, I made it all pretty and highly functional with seamless UX. And there are no users.

I've contacted a bunch of people on social media but no response. I've contacted people in my circle to see if they know someone in non-STEM fields so I could get some beta testers, but no dice. I have no presumptions about the product, it is awesome and gets rid of a lot of headache for an academic writers, but I need to understand people's specific pain points. If I don't have academics, I don't have pain points. If I don't have that, then I have no foundation to base and improve the features for. Removed all the paywalls, it's literally costing me about $100 to keep it online, fully functional, with no concievable source of revenue, but that is ok, as long as I get some users and learn something new about their use case. I don't think I have too long either. My resources will run out by September, so I have no idea how I will get users, scale then flip this or raise funds for it before the end of 2 months. I know it'll be like stricking 2 rocks together. You have to keep doing it until a spark somewhere ignites and spreads like wildfire. Or change the rocks you're using, either/or. Timelines are strict, my heart has a little suction pump pressing into it and my breath has become belaboured now thinking about all this, so I'm going to go meditate for a bit and then try to contact more people to become beta-testers 🤞