June 22, 2023

Didn't get a chance to write any blogs lately cuz I was working on building Diode. It's up at diode but I have to figure out how to get traffic there. Also I guess from the next time, I need to create a proff of concept and run some ads to find out if a particular product is actually useful for the target market. Like I created this and put it online, but the costs are pretty high and if the demand isn't there, my resources will run dry and I'll just have to take it down. So yeah, the update is I've built something that might not sell, for people who might not want it, but who cares, I learnt something new. Next time, do market research first and then build a product.

Yesterday this rep from a literay agency wrte a strongly worded letter to me being like we don't use AI tools, and no one in this company does. do not contact anyone from our agency again. I was like bitch, this aint an AI tool. But whatever. I have to keep on keeping on. Product hunt launch is set fora couple hours from now, let's hope it gets a couple people to come check out the tool. I have to start running a/b tested ads as well.

There's a good chance I'll lose money on this one, but the point is I need to learn all the things that go into building, supporting and selling a product. Hopefully it doesn't make a big hole in my pocket, cuz the pocket ain't that deep anyways.