life updates

June 05, 2023

so here's what new in my life. went to see my gf's parents and ask for her hand. we're ready fam. let's go, your boy bout to get married next year.

on the way back, some random people kept coughing so i'm a little sick today. its minor viral, i know i can beat it, but i feel like shit today. also over the weekend, i finished working on plotopia. it's this new app i'm building that's kinda like a vscode for writers. like one integrated environment for them to do all their work. it's kinda neat. i've bought the domain name so i'll host it there when it's up.

besides that, i've also stopped work fidgeting. it ends up giving me an insane amount of free time which i dont particularly like, but for this phase of my life i need to take a step back and evaluate the correct things to work on, otherwise i'll just end up running endlessly but on a treadmill. not ideal.

let's see, i wanna alpha test plotopia next. trying to find some novelists to test it out and see if it's useful for them.